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Wastman's Fun Camp

Full Screenplay Now Available for Download

Reuben Glaser is an American writer, comic, actor, and producer.


He is best known for his work in satire and comedy. Born in Milwaukee, Glaser has been recognized as a "humorist from Wisconsin" by publications like Gawker and UpRoxx. As a writer he began his career as a regular contributor to the The Onion / AV Club, and he has also written for humor publications such as He served as a co-writer for the satirical news series 'Friday Night Weekly,' which he also appeared in as "Special Reporter Reuben Glaser," a fictional version of himself. He has hosted or appeared as himself or as an actor in various films, television shows, webseries, and other projects.  His screenplay, Wastman's Fun Camp, was a quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Competition and will be released as a standalone graphic novel in the near future. On stage, he produced, wrote, booked, and hosted the popular monthly comedy show "Joak Park" with Matt Henry.

Glaser's body of comedy work began in 2006 with the "Reubnick" Youtube channel, where he released over 250 videos between the years of 2006 - 2012. He parlayed ideas from these videos into film projects like 2009's "Foiblè" and 2011's "The Nature of Hatman." At the height of the 2012 presidential election, he created the "Little Face Mitt" meme, which embedded itself into the internet zeitgeist and received wide press coverage. The Obama reelection campaign is said to have used Little Face Mitt images as computer backgrounds in their Chicago HQ. 


As an on-screen talent, Glaser has appeared in numerous projects with frequent collaborator Jozef K. Richards of Kintou Media, including as "Special Reporter Reuben Glaser," in a supporting role for Friday Night Weekly's 3 season run from 2013 to 2015. He continued portraying this exaggerated caricature of himself in the limited spin-off series 'The Reuben Report,' which made headlines when he and Richards managed to get into the press pool of a Donald Trump presidential rally alongside CNN and MSNBC. Other credits include Kintou Media's 'Batman And Jesus' as the "Turbofreak," and as Ahithophel in "Holy Shit," as well as the series "Poké Men & Women" as a member of a "Pokérobics" class, and alongside the comedy trio FND Films as the Mr. Mime expert Scientist Roger. As an actor in television, Reuben Glaser has appeared in a number of network shows, including HBO's Lovecraft Country, FOX's "neXt," Empire, Amazon Prime's Utopia, and AppleTV's Shining Girls as an archivist and coworker of Elisabeth Moss's character Kirby. 

Upon moving to Chicago and up until 2020, Glaser focused his efforts on the live comedy show Joak Park at District Kitchen and Tap in Oak Park, IL, which by the time of its discontinuation had featured over 100 local, national, and global comedians and had been profiled by The Chicago Tribune and The Wednesday Journal. 

As of 2023, Glaser served as host and co-writer of an unaired pilot for a satirical television show about American mysteries that is in the process of finding a home/series order, and he is presently working on the screenplay "Phantom Phinders" and the rerelease of the novel "A Ride of a Lifetime" as well as a new novel called "Leave It Where It Lands." He currently hosts the "Ultimate Guide to Fame and Fortune" podcast with his best friend Dom Ruggeri. 


He remains active in the Chicago comedy community and is open to creative opportunities. You can contact him here.


Follow him on social media @reubnick

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Photo by Julie Merica

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